Saturday, March 22, 2014

Work for 12 hours on computer

                       Those who work with computer 12 hours in a day, its hard for them to enjoy life after work.I was thinking to share some of my painful periods of previous years.  Designing is my passion for that I work, for that i have to work in "keep trying mode", which take all my precious time. Few of my friends agree with me.

Working 10 -12 hours a day in front of computer is just keep stuck your body as bonded labour, except 2 to 3 parts of our body work on sitting a chair, which keep ideal other parts of  body. As per so called advise" keep working" is the key to success for every atom in this universe or the "lose of  features" occurs, it applies on our body also.

Small amount of pain become PainMoster after some time in our back. Best way to keep away this back pain is make sure that your back should active as much as possible by doing some small amount of exercise in regular interval.

So keep yourself active and live healthy computing life. Health is wealth my friends.


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