Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can I use Hidemyass VPN on my Blackberry ?

These days safety is a major factor for us while
we are walking, talking surfing internet. We know
how to use VPN on our computers but for
mobile like Blackberry the trick is little different.
Here directly Blackberry doesn't come to front.
Just because of Blackberry don't allow to use
VPN directly.
Here we can setup our hotspot with help
of "Connectify" software and this simply allow us to
share a Hidemyass VPN connection from our computer to
any wi-fi device like Blackberry.
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Setup VPN for "Blackberry"

I) Download "Connectify" and install.
II) Setup a manual PPTP connection or L2TP connection.
III) Reboot windows
IV) Run Connectify
V) Add an 8 digit password
VI) Select the VPN connection created under "Internet"
VII) In "Advanced" select computers wireless adapter in "Share over"
VIII) As "Sharing Mode" use "Wi-Fi Access Point", Encrypted WPA2
IX) Click "Start Hotspot".


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